Activities planned

Section A: Enhancing visibility of the Alliance of Civilization at national level 

  • - Organization of an annual National Forum for the Alliance of Civilizations, under the auspices of the Parliament of Romania.
  • - Dissemination in Romania of Plans of actions of international organizations of which Romania is a member, such as the European Union, Council of Europe, Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and UNESCO.
  • - Information of the public on the Alliance of Civilizations and the actions undertaken under its auspices in Romania, by means available to the governmental institutions, as well as to the organizations of the civil society involved.
  • - Conducting a systematic campaign aiming at informing and involving mass-media with respect to the goals and actions of the Alliance of Civilizations.
  • - Participation in the Annual Forums and in the ad-hoc Conferences of the Alliance of Civilization at an adequate political level.
  • - Interactive use of the Alliance of Civilizations’ web-site.
  • - Establishment of a Merit Diploma on the name of “Dimitrie Cantemir” to be awarded each year to persons or organizations which brought special contributions to the achievement of the goals of the Alliance of Civilizations. 

Section B: National Institutional initiatives 

  • - Mobilizing, under the auspices of the Alliance of Civilizations, contributions from new organizations, mainly from the higher education institutions and mass-media.
  • - Organizing public events with the participation of honorary ambassadors for the Alliance of Civilizations
  • - Identifying and attracting collaboration of new personalities in the field of social sciences and humanities willing to play the good will ambassador’s role for the Alliance of Civilizations.
  • - Designating liaison persons in the main university centres of Romania for the organization of events and activities dedicated to the Alliance of Civilizations.
  • - Identifying, among daily and weekly publications, journalists interested to specialize in topics relevant for the Alliance of Civilizations. 

Section C: Integrating the objectives of the Alliance of Civilizations in policies and activities aiming at promoting intercultural dialogue 

  • - International Conference CEPES – UNESCO and Alliance of Civilizations entitled “Eurasian Inter-university Dialogues on Cooperation for Higher Education Development”, Bucharest, 27-28 May 2011;
  • - International Conference “Contribution of the Alliance of Civilizations to the improvement of the security environment”;
  • - Campaign for the introduction in the curricula of the pre-university institutions of optional disciplines on cultural diversity;
  • - Documentation trips in cultural and religious establishments which reflect the religious and faith diversity in Romania;
  • - Introduction of topics pertaining to the Alliance of Civilization in radio and television shows and news;
  • - Establishment of an Internet-based interactive platforms for debates related to the main topics of the inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue;
  • - Partnership with Romanian printing houses for the publications of relevant books under the logo of the Alliance of Civilizations;
  • - Broadening the circle of collaborators among diplomatic missions accredited in Bucharest for the organization of bilateral and multilateral events in Romania;
  • - Organization of cultural and artistic events, which reflect the cultural diversity and the common values of religious communities living in Romania.
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