Agenda of activities of the “Alliance of Civilizations”

A.  Enhancing the visibility of the "Alliance of Civilizations" at national level

  1. Introducing the AC and the Romanian contribution to this international initiative on occasions of different activities organized in the field of cross-culturai and religious dialogue in our country. This kind of activities will contribute to raising the awareness of Romanian society with regard to the problems and debates at global level on this issue and encourage projects in the main areas of the AC.
  2. Press releases for permanent information of the public opinion on the developments related to the AC; setting-up specific headings on the MFA and DIR websites.
  3. Raising the awareness of the journalists regarding the AC objectives and facilitating the publication of articles on this issue in the media and radio and TV broadcasting.
  4. High-level Romanian participation at the international meetings of the AC.

B. National initiatives for the "Alliance of Civilizations"

  1. Setting-up a Working Group under MFA coordination with the participation of all stakeholders from governmental and civil society frameworks that will cooperate with the National Coordinator, for the planning of activities that will be carried out under the auspices of the AC.
  2. Organizing or supporting activities at national and international level that promote the AC objectives.
  3. Designing a website dedicated to the AC.
  4. Nominating National Ambassadors for the AC.
  5. Enhancing the dialogue initiated by the MFA with the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO), as well as with The League of Arab States for developing cooperation in the field of cross-cultural and religious dialogue.
  6.  Encouraging the development of civil society projects in the field of cross-cultural and religious dialogue,
  7.  Promoting the AC objectives among youth, including the support of the Romanian youth delegates at the United Nations.
  8.  Appointment of a focal point for the AC.
  9.  Financing the activities under the agenda of the AC from the annual budgets of the participating institutions, based on a Memorandum with the Government approval.

C. integration of the "Alliance of Civilizations" objectives within the policies and activities promoting cross-cultural dialogue

  1.  Continuation of the dialogue with the Romanian institutions for a periodical up­date on the developments within the AC and with Romania's contribution, including the carrying into effect of the present strategy.
  2.  Carrying into effect of the 2008-2009 National Strategy on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men, its activities being concurrent with the AC objectives.
  3.  Turning into good account the positive experiences of the participation to the 'European Year of Intercultural Dialogue (2008)".
  4.  Continuation and development of the youth and student exchange programs, especially with representatives from Arab states.
  5.  Development of media representatives exchange programs (press, radio, TV) with the purpose of emphasizing good practices from the Group of Friends member states, including Romania.
  6.  Promoting the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.
  7.  Cooperation with the UNESCO Department for cross-cultural and religious exchange from the University of Bucharest education in order to reflect the AC'S objectives within its educational and research programs.
  8.  Launching Romania's National Plan for the AC in an international conference organized by MFA and DIR.
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