An Action Plan with activities, open to the participation of all countries of the region and to be carried out over a period of two years (2010-2012) will be discussed at the Sarajevo Conference on 14th December 2009. After being finalized and agreed upon experts and representatives of civil society under the guidance of the National Focal Points, the Action Plan will then be presented at the 3rd Annual AoC Forum in Rio in May 2010

In addition to the Ministerial meeting, the Sarajevo Conference will provide a platform for engaging civil society, corporate sector, foundations, etc. in concrete commitments to participate and support financially the various actions identified in the Action Plan.

The community of Focal Points of the South Eastern European region will ensure the follow up of the implementation of the actions identified in the Action Plan with the assistance of the Alliance of Civilizations’ secretariat and the support of any other partners.

This community will meet whenever necessary and at least twice a year. A sub-section of the AoC website will be created to share information on this Regional Strategy and on the implementation of its Action Plan and networking will be fully used.

The annual Forums of the Alliance (namely Qatar in 2011 and Vienna in 2012) will be used in the future to share with other partners success stories, lessons learned and to report on progress made in the implementation of this Regional Strategy. A marketplace of commitments to this Regional Strategy should take place annually at the occasion of the AoC Forums.

In 2012 a new Conference should be organized on a rotating basis to take stock of the outcomes of this 1st Action Plan and to adopt a Second Action Plan (2013-2015).

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